The Blog

‘The Score’ is all about the craft and business of music. It focuses on the music industry and the craft of writing music specifically for film. It features:

  • notes and analyses on film scores
  • comment on film and music industry news
  • writing and composing tutorials
  • music education and education programs
  • studio techniques, software and gear
  • trends in modern music and film scores

It is not:

  • soundtrack and film reviews
  • a music or film industry news site
  • a political, rant or hype (fanzine) blog

The Author

Robert Maddocks is a composer, producer and songwriter. He works with artists producing pop and rock and runs TwoTenSix; a music production company in Toronto, Canada. TwoTenSix has an extensive music library of over 1000 tracks and have been featured on network television and independent film.

Robert has a university education studying classical and a college diploma studying jazz and popular music. He also taught at both university and college. He toured playing rock, country and blues, and then spent many years as a DJ. He then operated an independent recording studio for 5 years before focusing entirely on music production, composition and songwriting.