The First Composers Union

On November 16 there was a historical meeting with The Association of Media Composers and Lyricists Organizing Committee and Teamsters Local 399 Organizers. The issue was to organize a union for composers and lyricists. They remain virtually the only non-unionized work force in the entertainment industry.

Over 400 musicians, composers and industry folks showed up for support. There were no recording devices allowed. The organizers wanted an open discussion and didn’t want individuals to be worried about their comments showing up on YouTube. There were some notes made on the meeting however. Go to the Film Music Magazine website and read the comments.

If you need some figures on the state of fees in the industry go to the ‘Facts, Jack’ page on the AMCL website. It’s for these reasons and many others that there is a huge need for some representation and organization within the industry.

If you feel that you can be of some help, they are looking for volunteers to help in the campaign. It’s going to take a while before we get where we ultimately want to be but we need to take these first steps to get the wheels in motion. Email the AMCL here if you can help.