One for Mr. Jarre

On March 29 famed musician and composer Maurice Jarre passed away at the age of 84.

He won three Oscars for Doctor Zhivago, A Passage to India and the film that brought his talent to my attention, Lawrence of Arabia.

Of course by the time I saw Lawrence it was on network TV and had long since become a classic. What always stuck with me about Jarre’s music was how it added so much to the film without being intrusive or drawing too much attention to itself. There are many moments in Lawrence where director David Lean tries to convey the vastness of the desert with grand sweeping shots of the desert. Jarre augments the feeling perfectly.

I love Maurice Jarre mostly for his memorable anthems. His music could be both discordant and melodic. He composed for over 150 films over his 50 year career. We wish a grand adieu to the maestro. I’m off to listen to the master.