The New TV Soundtracks

as_seen_on_tv_logoThe beginning of the long tail has arrived for television soundtracks. More and more soundtracks are now being released in limited editions and online. This means that music that was appreciated but never released has finally found an outlet for all of the hardcore fans out there.

Much like the gaming industry, music for the television industry has seen a surge in popularity in the past number of years. TV soundtracks are finding an audience of their own and there is tons of great stuff to choose from. There are the techno charged themes of the action and superhero animated shows. Then there are the pop driven, cutting edge soundtracks like ‘The OC’ which has been responsible for the discovery of a few great artists. Not to mention some of the great dramatic soundtracks that have the same intensity of some of the blockbuster Hollywood films.

Not only are there titles from shows that are popular now, but more and more titles are being released of shows from yesteryear. More and more film music websites are starting to offer ‘soundtrack’ radio programming. Something that I’m sure wouldn’t have been a reality just a few short years ago.

All in all it’s a great time to be a fan of music. Not only is there a great variety of stuff available but with the proliferation of online sites, it’s now easier to get more than ever.

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