Sound Design In Modern Scores

Ever since movies have been around, even before there was sound, there was music. In fact, the first moving pictures were meant to enhance a musical production and not the other way around. The first films started out with traditional and classical music played live, usually by a single piano player (in some elaborate productions…


Scoring Your First Film

People often ask me about scoring music for film. It seems like a complete mystery to most people; even other musicians. If you’re a musician and you want to get into film scoring, the first thing you should do is score a film. But I Just Told You… Ya I know, you’re a complete beginner and…


Writing Music for Film: Strings

Let’s face it, you can’t go very far into film soundtracks without hearing strings. Strings are one of the most effective tools in a composers arsenal. They’re great for everything from lyrical, emotional lines, to huge Hollywood blockbuster action sequences. Writing for strings is an art in itself and there are many things to consider.


Writing Music for Film: Getting An Education

The question often arises ‘do I need a musical education to become a film composer’. Most composers would say that getting an education in writing for film is essential to your success yet there are others that say you don’t need one at all. Looking at the top composers doesn’t seem to give us a…


Essential Links for Composers

There are a number of things that composers must do to keep updated about industry issues, learn about the business and ensure that their works are protected. Here is a list of essential sites to help composers and music producers keep on top of it all. Organizations and Associations: As a composer, you must register…

Music education

Great Educational Sites for Composers

There are tons of sites out there that help aspiring composers learn some of the tricks of the trade. Most offer bite sized nuggets of info but there are some stand out site that really go all out. Here is a list of some free sites all about learning the craft of music. General –…

First Composition

Writing Music for Film: First Steps

Continuing along the lines of the last post about disciplines for film composers, today we’re going to talk about some beginning steps and considerations in writing music for film. This post is for all musicians new to composing film music. Regardless if you’re a new comer or a seasoned veteran, writing for film is a…